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Destin Waters fun fact!


Destin has always been a hotspot for diving, from reefs to heavy populated creature areas under the sea. I stumbled upon a new fun fact about the Destin waters that you would not usually learn unless part of the diving community.

Airforce owned the MV Courageous was a site of beauty with its 189-foot-long (57.5-meter) haul of a ship. After being bought, the oceangoing cargo vessel was used only for the new weapons delivery system demonstration. (practice for blowing things up).

The vessel was deliberately sunk off the coast of Okaloosa County, Florida (directly next to our Destin beaches, on April 28, 2022. The explosion was short and broke the boat into two halves, sort of like the titanic, causing the bow section to rotate almost a full 180 degrees. *I posted the picture of where it is in relation to us so you can see just how close we are!

At the bottom of the ocean, about 130ft in depth the two halves now lay to rest. Among the diving community it is very well known to have a lot of holes and crevices to swim through but at their own risk. They Reef Smart Guides were able to get a 3D model of the ship in its entirety, so people not so keen on diving can still bask in the views from the bottom of the sea. They also include on their website where the different reefs are, with what kinds of fish gather there. That is pretty cool. I have linked it below for you, enjoy!

3D Model of Courageous


Published by Angela Fair
Thursday, September 22, 2022