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Summer Do's and Don’ts in Destin, Florida

Destin, Florida

There’ s nothing like the powder white sand and emerald green waters of Destin, Florida. If you’re planning a summer vacation on these beautiful beaches, then pay close attention. Here’s a list of the do's and don’ts to make your beach vacation stress-free and full of fun! 

Do book a Destin vacation rental right on the beach with private beach access. Walking out your back door of your Destin vacation rental onto a white sand beach is not only breathtaking it’s extremely convenient. Forget packing for the beach, filling coolers and hauling beach chairs. In a beachfront rental, chairs can be reserved, and you are steps away from a cold beverage or snack. Speaking of drinks and food. 

Do book a vacation rental with a kitchen. The money you will save mixing your own drinks, pouring your own wine and blending your own margaritas is significant. Alcohol is allowed on the beach just no glass so don’t forget the plastic cups. Snacks and beverages can get pricing when buying at the beach bar so stock up at your condo. Which brings us to the don’ts! 

Don’t grocery shop on Saturday afternoon. Everyone coming into town is shopping at this time so not only will you be spending hours of your beach vacation in a grocery line, but the staff can’t keep up with loading the shelves, so chances are what you want won’t be available. My suggestion: Publix has delivery, Walmart has pick-up, there are several companies that will shop for you, having your condo fridge full before you even check-in or grab some basics and do the bulk of your shopping on Sunday morning. Shelves are full, and aisles are bare. Just how we like it! Speaking of crowds. 

Don’t drive if you don’t have to. Traffic in the summer can be intense. If you’re close enough to your destination, a bike ride or walk will get you there faster, safer and less stressed. When booking a vacation rental, make sure you’re close enough to places you’re interested in visiting and remember Uber is a click away.  

Do have an amazing time here in Destin, Florida. There are no beaches like it! White sand, emerald green waters, amazing sunsets, delicious seafood and an all around fun atmosphere.  

Published on Saturday, April 6, 2019