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5 Beach Essentials for your Destin Beach Bag

Destin Beach Bag

You’ve finally made it to Destin, Florida! You can’t wait to stick your toes in the powder white sand and take a dip in the emerald green ocean. Before you step out for a day at the beach make sure you have these 5 beach essentials in tow. 

#1 Sunscreen

The bright sun bounces off the beautiful white sand so make sure you’re protected. SPF of 15 or greater is always recommended. Remember to apply throughout the day, especially when coming out of the water. Seek shade under an umbrella or beachside bar during the heat of the day to avoid a bad burn.  

#2 Beach Towel

This is essential for a day at the beach. It serves several purposes such as drying off after a dip in the sea or a comfortable buffer between you and the sand. It can double as a wrap around when walking the beach as well as a shawl when the sun goes down and there’s a cool ocean breeze. 

#3 Sunglasses

There are so many reasons why sunglasses are essential for the beach besides being extremely fashionable. It protects our eyes from damaging radiation and ultra violet rays. Sunglasses shield our eyes from debris and sand. Wearing sunglasses will reduce the amount of squinting when in the sun which will not only save your eyes but can prevent pre-mature wrinkles around the eyes.

#4 Lip Balm

A good lip balm with a high SPF rating is a must when heading to the beach. Not only are chap lips painful, they can be very unattractive. Without proper lip protection you could be at risk for blistering. Keep your lips moist and kissable all summer long with high quality lip care.

#5 Drinks

A day in the sun can make you thirsty. What better way to quench your thirst than a cooler filled with your favorite drinks! Of course water is always a good idea. What will you find in a locals beach cooler? Destin Ale and East Pass IPA from Destin’s own local brewery, Destin Brewery! These light bodied beers not only quench your thirst but are delicious! You can buy the cans in a six pack at area liquor stores as well as the brewery itself. When in Destin, drink local! 

Before you leave your incredible beachfront Destin condo, pack your bag with these 5 beach essentials! 

Monday, April 17, 2017

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